Getting the right fit for your motorcycle jacket shouldn’t be difficult. When dealing with motorcycle gear, safety should always take the front seat. But when dealing with the jacket, the style must never get sacrificed for function. Sometimes you may get it right in a particular size with a brand only to discover you have missed it with another.

In this article, you will find out how a motorcycle should fit. Keep on reading to learn more!

The Length of the Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle jackets usually have a shorter fit because of comfort and safety. The lack of length is to ensure you are comfortable when mounting the motorcycle. This means you will not have unwanted fabric extending to your waist region.

You ought to have the base of the jacket resting on your lap while you are on the bike. The motorcycle jacket should sit on the beltline when you are standing up. One other benefit of a short jacket is that when you are at high speed, you don’t have to bother about your fabric flapping about like wings. Also, you will enjoy improved fuel efficiency.

You may opt for touring jackets that get made for adventure riding; ensure you don’t use jackets that are so long that they flap in the wind. Safety-wise, a short jacket will not get hooked to any part of the bike. So in case of an accident, you don’t have to get scared of getting tangled with the bike.

What is the Perfect Fit?

How tight should your bike jacket fit? This will depend on what type of jacket you are looking to get. Are you aiming for an urban, race, leather, touring, or textile jacket? When dealing with sports and race jackets, it often fits to give it more protection in the event of an accident. With touring and urban jackets, the fit may be a bit looser.

This is to give enough room for comfort and movement. For the leather jacket, you should aim for a tighter fit. With textiles, the fit may vary depending on the purpose, style, and riding type.

Textile and Leather Jacket Fit

If you opt for a textile bike jacket, it should feel very comfortable to guarantee ease of movement and comfort. Before you hit the road with a textile jacket, ensure to wear it and sit on the motorcycle. While at it, check if you can place your legs down with ease, use the controls, and move your body. Check if the jacket feels too loose or restrictive.

The ideal jacket should not be too restrictive and shouldn’t be too big. Some people opt for bigger jackets for the winter season to shield them from the cold. But many jackets come with layers beneath them, thick enough to shield you from the cold.

There is also a difference in textile between a summer and winter motorcycle jacket, so it's also something that you should pay attention to.

How Can You Identify the Right Fitting Jacket?

Choosing the right sizing for your bike jacket can become confusing for a beginner. Different regions have different labels. If you are searching for European or American sizes, you will see labels such as “M”, “S”, “L”; you may also find a number such as 46, 48, 50, etc. To be on the safe side, you should use a measuring guide from the manufacturer to find what fits you. Note that the sizing of your everyday clothing may not apply to your motorcycle jacket.

Getting it Right with the Measurement

Several questions come up in the mind of a potential buyer about the size of the jacket. When people measure themselves, the numbers do not add up, and many get disappointed with their choices. The easiest way to measure your jacket size without regrets is to use your best jacket as a standard. Measure your current favorite jacket and measure its size.

Make sure you measure the back length, chest, shoulders, sleeve length, and neck. When you get the correct measurements, search for the size chart of the manufacturer. You can find this on their websites. If you are purchasing at a retailer or dealer, make sure you try on the jacket while sitting on a motorcycle to be sure it fits.

Tips for Choosing the Right Bike Jacket

Once you’ve got it right with the fit, there are two other factors you should consider before you buy a bike jacket.

Material Quality

The quality of the faux leather, leather, or suede determines the cost of the jacket. Jackets may not look expensive, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t. Hence, you should know what you want. When buying a leather jacket, if it feels rough, looks too shiny, and feels hard, you shouldn’t choose it. Aside from looking cheap, it could cause discomfort.

Real leather will feel soft and comfortable on you. Jackets that are made from lambskin are often the most expensive and softest. Make sure you select the material you feel most comfortable in.


Before you choose a jacket, ensure that the hardware is of good quality. You do not want zippers that are too shiny or small because they could pass for being cheap. You should go for matte or silver zippers because they look premium and classy. You should also check if the jacket comes with a neck buckle.


With several motorcycle jacket brands out there, getting the right quality may be difficult. The easiest way to navigate the waters is to go for a brand noted for quality. You can confirm this from online reviews and recommendations from other bikers.

Final Thoughts

So how should a motorcycle jacket fit? Now you know! Your jacket should guarantee you comfort, safety, and style, and for these to happen, it has to be the right fit. Your choice of the jacket will also depend on the material you feel comfortable in and your budget.

If you are buying online, be smart enough to follow the measurement guide of the manufacturer. Also, use your favorite jacket as a yardstick for measurement. With these in mind, you can never go wrong with your choice of jacket!



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