Every seasoned motorbike rider knows that finding the balance between protection and not getting overheated is extremely difficult. It becomes even trickier when the rider wants to go on longer distance journeys that quite possibly could go through several temperature changes or weather conditions.

The developments in materials and vent technology mean that the choice is becoming increasingly more complex. It is a long time since the only option was between black or brown leather.

Getting the best summer motorcycle jacket for you is an absolute must if you want to be comfortable and safe throughout your ride. To assist you in finding the right jacket we have selected some of the highest quality options on the market. Every jacket in our list finds a great balance between keeping the rider cool and keeping the rider safe.

Consider This Before Buying Summer Motorcycle Jacket

  • Leather or Textile. The difference between the two materials is becoming less and less as techniques improve. For instance both forms of jacket can be equally breathable and equally waterproof.

The real difference comes with the cost as textile jackets come with a much smaller price tag. There is also the consideration of the weight and limited flexibility of leather jackets but this usually comes down to personal preference.

  • Vents. In our list of the best summer motorcycle jacket choices we have included the features that make them great for use in hotter weather.

The first thing that you should look at for in any summer jacket is the ventilation it provides.

  • Protection. While focusing on how cool the jacket will keep the rider it is often forgotten what the primary task of the jacket is. Check the impact protectors and that they don’t shift around when the jacket is fully fastened.

Top 6 Summer Motorcycle Jackets Complete Table

PictureNameSummer FeaturesPriceOur Rating (1-5)
Summer Features
Our Rating (1-5)
1. Cortech GX Sport Air 3Easily removable lining, Armor-Link III Mesh shell$$$4.7
2. Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0FreeAir poly shell, hand warmer pockets for temperature drops$$4.6
3. Tour Master Intake Air 3 JacketArmor-Link Mesh$$$$4.6
4. Alpinestars Viper Air JacketDouble mesh-on-mesh panels for ultimate air-flow$$$4.6
5. Pro MeshAbrasion resistant lightweight poly mesh$4.0
6. Milano Sport GammaWide vents with additional removable quilted thermal liner$$4.0

What to Look for in Good Summer Motorcycle Jackets

There are many aspects of a summer motorcycle jacket that riders will forget about when making their selection. Here are some of the most forgotten points but some of the most crucial to remember.

  • Cuffs, Collars and Sleeves. Often riders will check the fit of the jacket on their torso without taking into account the neck, wrists and arms. Check each of the fastenings and see if they fit you comfortably before making a choice.
  • Pockets. Check they have the best closure systems especially considering if you will be moving at faster speeds.
  • Closures. There is nothing that will ruin a ride faster than a broken main zipper. Make sure all of the fastenings on the jacket are solid.

With summer jackets it is often the case that some of the cheaper options have lower quality materials. It is best to check every aspect of the jacket before buying.

Top 3 Best Summer Motorcycle Jackets Reviews

1. Cortech GX Sport Air 3

The Cortech GX Sport Air 3 is the kind of jacket that is perfect for summer riding as well as just everyday riding if you live in a place with relatively mild weather. The material makes sure that you stay warm on cooler days and keeps the excess heat out on sunnier warm days. The waterproof layer is effective and the amount of airflow means staying comfortable throughout the ride. Considering the amount of use this jacket will provide it is a steal.

2. Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0

Having the Joe Rocket Phoenix 5.0 as a summer riding jacket means being able to have protection from the wind and colder spells of weather as well as having cool air flowing through the jacket on warmer days too. The mesh on this jacket is what makes it so good for summer weather riding. The body armor aspects of this jacket also stands up in the case that the ride gets into a minor accident.

3. Tour Master Intake Air 3 Jacket

The Tour Master Intake Air 3is a versatile jacket with windproof and waterproof liners and a quilted liner layer too. This makes it easy to control the flow of air through the jacket as well as the thickness. The fit is true to size and is very comfortable which is unique considering most jackets are stiff. There are even places in the jacket to adjust the size of the forearms, the biceps and the rib area, which makes it even more fitted.



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