The average bike rider will need to lift their bike at one point or another. Some may have to pick up their bikes many times if they fail to learn from their mistakes. When a motorcycle is lying on the ground, there are a few factors that a rider needs to think about before lifting it. Bikes are quite heavy and need the right process and planning before getting picked up. In this piece, we will explore some of the techniques you should know about lifting a bike.

Motorcycle Lifting Techniques You Should Know

There are a few techniques you could use to lift your bike. Each technique is best applied depending on the prevailing circumstances. Here is the breakdown of some of them.

Squat Press

To do this, ensure that your behind is on the seat like in a chair kind of position. Fix one of your hands with a tight hold on the back of the motorcycle while placing the other hand on the bike's handlebar. Make sure the bars are near the motorcycle. Ensure that the spin is in the right arrangement and walk the motorcycle back to the standing position with your legs.

If done right, the squat press technique can be very effective. Among the methods used in lifting bikes, this is one of the more popular ones. The drawback with this technique is that it can be quite difficult to achieve if the bike is on a loose or uneven surface, but if your motorcycle is on flat ground, it is the best way to lift the bike.

The Handlebar Lift

There are two versions of this technique. The first involves turning the handlebars so that the wheel is facing the ground. While squatting at the bottom of the handlebar, you should lift the bike in an upward manner. You can use both of your hands on the grip with your legs giving upward thrust.

Ensure your back is straight while your head stays up and allow your legs to do most of the work. Ensure the motorcycle is close to you. Make sure you shift the bike's weight using your hips and move with your legs.

Another aspect of this technique involves turning the bike's handlebars to face the reverse direction while the wheel points upwards. This technique can be done with the bike's wheel pointing in both directions. Lift using the same body mechanics.

The version you opt for depends on how you feel most comfortable dealing with the situation. When performing this lift, you must use the right body mechanics. If not done correctly, you could hurt yourself. The handlebar technique is perfect for picking up bikes on uneven ground and hills.

The Deadlift Technique

This technique has some semblance to the squat press. The core difference is that your body will have to face the bike. From the squatting position, you will lift by pushing towards the bike and exerting upward with your legs. Ensure that your back is erect and not bent or overarched.

The deadlift technique requires more strength and should only be used in cases where the bike falls on loose or uneven ground. Getting beneath the bike can be tough, so if the bike is already tilted upwards, take advantage of that.

Lifting a Motorcycle With a Jack

This is the more efficient technique to lift a bike. There are different models of motorcycle jacks out there, which makes it easy to find the exact one that suits your needs. To get your motorcycle lifted using a lift jack, you will need wood blocks, the lift jack, and ratchet straps.

Ready the Work Area

If you are trying to lift your bike for repairs, you need to do so in a safe environment. The ideal place should be wherever there is a concrete level floor. Carpeted floors are not a good idea, as it could lead to the lift that is bearing the motorcycle weight slipping out of place.

Lift From the Right Place

Before you lift the bike from the ground, ensure to look at the underside and get familiar with it. Search for the best place that you can lift the bike with ease. A flat point beneath the engine is a perfect place to lift from. If you lift your bike from an uneven spot, it may cause the bike to fall and cause damage.

Get the Bike Ready

Before you lift the bike, make sure it is well supported. If the bike has a center stand, it makes the job easier. All you need to do is have some wood blocks placed beneath the stand before it is lowered.

You may need help to hold the bike's front by handlebars. Stand at the back and assist your partner to move the bike upright. Your partner should hold the front of the bike tight while doing this.

Lift the Bike

Once you have the proper settings and the jack is in the right place, you may begin lifting the bike.

Lifting a Motorcycle Without a Jack

If there is no lift close by and you have to lift your bike, you may still be able to do so. To do this, you may have to explore your garage and search for something that you can use to lift the bike. Here are some tips that could help.

Stacked Boards

You can lift your bike using a set of stacked boards. The technique is easier to use with two people. One person will lift the motorcycle from behind while the other person handles the boards. Once you have the boards in place, you can strap the front down to prevent it from sliding from the board.

With a Car Jack

Another good option for lifting your bike without a bike jack is a car jack, but you may need the support of some boards to raise the bike. Although a car jack may not be as effective as a bike jack, it could come in handy in emergencies.


Now you have a better idea of how to lift a motorcycle! Cardboard should be a good platform to set your bike on if you do not have crash bars. The techniques and tips outlined in this piece are easy and may save you from trouble sooner than you think.



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