It is always difficult when it is time to buy something like a car jack. It is obvious that the buyer needs to opt for the most effective product but with almost all car jacks looking the same it can be very difficult to know which ones are the best.

To help guide you through making this choice we have collected together the highest quality car jacks on the market and provided all the details you need to make an informed decision.

Important Features

Before you look at the list of the best car jack options that are available, it is worth thinking about how you are going to specifically use the product. This includes considering the following aspects:

  • Portability. There are jacks of all shapes and sizes. The ones that we have included on our list tend towards a more heavy duty solution. None of these jacks are similar to an emergency one used for changing a tire. Rather, these jacks are for complete stability while working on a vehicle for an extended period of time.

Although this means portability is limited it does not mean that there is no difference between the various options. Think about how often you will be moving the jack around and then you’ll have a clearer idea of which is the best choice.

  • Weight and Safety. We have included a guide to the weight capacity of each of the jacks and, as is clear from the chart, they are very similar. As these are the best car jack products available they all provide the highest quality of capacity and safety. There are, however, very slight differences and it is these details that should be carefully considered before the final decision is made.
  • Low Profile. Some of the jacks that we have included on our list come with a “low profile” feature. This simply means that the entire body of the jack is slimmer than other available models. Opting for this feature is a must if you are going to be using the jack in a range of tighter spaces.

Top 6 Car Jacks Overview Table

PictureNameCapacityPriceOur Rating (1-5)
Our Rating (1-5)
1. Arcan XL2T 2 Ton Capacity2 Tons$$$$4.7
2. Powerzone 380044 3 Ton3 Tons$$4.6
3. Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty2Tons$$4.4
4. Torin T83006 SUV Service3 Tons$4.2
5. Pro-Lift F-767 2 Ton2 Tons$4.1
6. Blackhawk B6350 3.5 Ton3.5 Tons$$$4.0

The Measurements

There are three key measurements that you should pay attention to when you are choosing a car jack.

  • Lift Height. This varies quite a lot and our list contains jacks that will give you a little clearance off the floor right up to triple lift jacks.
  • Handle Length. Generally the longer the handle the easier that the jack will be to use. If you choose a jack that has a longer handle it will mean that it will take up more room. It should be noted that advances in technology means that even shorter handled jacks sometimes work just as well.
  • Width of Wheel Base. The further apart the wheels or feet of the jack the more stability it will have whilst it is in use.

Top 3 Best Car Jack Reviews

1. Arcan XL2T

The Arcan XL2T Black is a great jack to use for any of your car lifting needs as it will give you higher lift than many of the jack stands on the market today. The hefty build and the lift you get are a great combination.

It should be noted that this is the best car jack because it is so heavy. The jack itself probably weighs about 100lbs but there are rollers on the bottom so it glides easily across a garage floor.

Due to the fact that this particular jack is made of steel, it is not just for changing tires and smaller jobs. It is made for anything from exhaust changes to wheel work.

2. Powerzone 380044

The Powerzone 380044 is the floor jack that will end any of your shopping around. For the price and the quality, you will not find a better deal than this.

The jack is made of aluminum and steel, which already makes it incredibly durable. From the very first time you open this jack, you will be able to tell that it is professional-grade just by the 60lb weight.

You can easily lift a whole car with this jack as it has the capability to bring up to 3 tons to a height that really lets you work without worry.

3. Powerbuilt 620422E

The first thing that you will notice when you use the Powerbuilt 620422 is that it is incredibly stable. It lets you work without worrying that your car will fall off of it or that the jack will release under the pressure.

The versatility that you get with this product is also something to admire. You can jack up the car, lawn mower and all of your vehicles to work on them safely.This will not only save you from doing any lifting yourself but it will make the entire process much easier too.



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