For those that own black cars in particular, it can be incredibly important to maintain the look of the car. Not only does this color show all of the dirt and dust that it collects clearly but it is also the color that plainly shows when the wax has not been applied correctly.

The best wax for black cars is the one that is easy to apply without leaving streaks, and the one that protects the look of the car for longer. To help you find the best wax for your black car, we have developed a list of some of the most highly rated waxes on the market as well as some tips to ensure the wax you choose suits your needs.

Tips for Choosing the Best Wax

Waxing will provide an added layer of protection for your car against the elements and protect the paint and coating layers on the surface of the car. To choose the best one, you should consider the following:

  • The Paint Job. Car waxes come in specific colors to match the color of the car so that scratches and blemishes can be covered easily. Black is the general color but there are various hues of black so you should pick the right one accordingly.
  • Exposure. If the car is being exposed to a lot of UV rays then there are specific kinds of wax that can help provide protection against this kind of damage and possible color alteration.
  • Oil and Grease. There are waxes made specifically for black cars that will prevent oil and grease from causing damage to the paint.
  • Liquid or Paste. Car wax for black cars comes in these two different forms. The paste wax provides a thicker layer of protection that will often last for up to 90 days. The liquid wax may be easier to apply and can be applied without streaks but may not last as long as the paste.

Top 10 Wax for Black Cars Overview Chart

PictureNameSizePrice per OzOur Rating (1-5)
Price per Oz
Our Rating (1-5)
1. P21S Concours Carnauba6.2 oz.$$$$4.9
2. Meguiar's G1821111 oz.$$$4.8
3. Mothers 10016 Reflections16 oz.$$4.7
4. Meguiar's G701616 oz.$$4.7
5. JoyRide Car Wax Spray16 oz.$4.7
6. Meguiar's G1751615.2 oz.$4.6
7. Meguiar's G62077 oz.$$$4.5
8. Optimum SW2008P17 oz.$4.4
9. Meguiar's G1721615.2 oz.$$4.3
10. Turtle Wax T-1116 oz.$4.0

Buying Wax for a Black Car

You should buy the wax that best suits your reason for buying it and applying it to your vehicle.

  • Maintain a Sleek Look. Having a car that looks brand new will let everyone know that you are sophisticated and care about the appearance of your car. Using the best car wax for black cars can ensure this sleek look is always noticed when you wash the car and apply it often.
  • Protection. Protecting your car against harsh elements and preserving the paint can help to make the car last longer. You will not have damage to the paint when you use wax to keep it safe. Protection and prevention are also key to helping the look of the car remain sleek.
  • Cover Scratches. Damage that has already been caused by the weather, the sun exposure or from others can often be remedied with the best wax. While the wax is not magical and cannot fix all damage, it can cover minor scratches or tints.

Top 3 Best Wax for Black Cars Reviews

1. P21S Concours Carnauba

The results of cleaning your car and then following up with the P21S Contours carnauba wax are shiny and always give the car a sleek look. The best part about this wax is that both amateurs and professional detailers can use it. While this wax is more of a paste it does not leave the residue that this kind of wax is known for. Since this solution does not have any abrasive materials, it creates a smooth finish that makes any car look show room ready.

Waxing a car is a time consuming process so you want the wax to last and this one certainly stands up to the test of time. The shine is something that will stay until the car gets really dirty with dust or mud or until the next time you wash the car.

2. Meguiar's G18211

With the application of a thin layer of Meguiar’s G18211 you will have a smooth finish on your black car that lasts. The fact that you only need a small amount of wax for the car explains the small size of the solution. This thin layer also means having a wax that dries quickly and even acts as a sealant.

This solution does not only make the car look good but it also keeps the car protected with the layer of wax from the dirt and dust that can collect. The shine that you will get from this wax means having a car that always looks brand new when it is continually applied after each wash. It should be noted that this wax also comes off easily when it comes time to wash the car again meaning the entire process takes less time than it would take with other paste waxes.

3. Mothers 10016 Reflections

The Mothers 10016 goes on and comes off easily with just a little pressure. The results that the wax leaves behind leave a look that adds depth to the color of the car while also adding a classic and beautiful shine. When you use this solution you will quickly find that the techniques you used when applying the wax are not visible. The water will bead off the car nicely and there will be no swirling marks from the waxing process left behind which means having an even more professional looking finish.

The wax acts as a great sealant to keep moisture and dirt away from the actual surface of the car. This is really the best wax for black cars when you consider how much reflectivity it gives to the car without looking like it has been candy-coated.



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