Whether you want to save water or even if you want to wash your car in as little time as possible, the best waterless car wash product will make it happen. A waterless car wash product is often in the form of a spray bottle and you guessed it, no water is required.

Key benefits of using waterless car wash:

  • No Water Gets Wasted. When using a waterless car wash product. This is great if you live in dry areas or even if you want to reduce your water bills.
  • Eliminates Water Spots. Which can often occur when not properly drying the car after washing it with water.
  • Noiseless Solution. Allowing you to wash your car early in the morning without bothering your neighbors as you would if you were to use a water power washer.
  • Saves Time. By reducing the amount of steps required. Most waterless car wash solutions come with built-in waxes and protective layers all in one.
  • Much Easier. To get your car clean. When washing your car with water, you have to scrub hard to get all the bugs and dirt removed. Waterless solutions really help removing unwanted messes with ease.

Whether you want to save money, water or time, a waterless car wash spray is the best way to achieve it. There are some pretty amazing products available on the market, but we’ve narrowed down the 6 best products to help make your decision easier.

Top 6 Waterless Car Wash Options

PictureNameFormatPriceOur Rating (1-5)
Our Rating (1-5)
1. Optimum (NRWW2012Q) No Rinse Wash & Wax32 oz.$$$4.9
2. Green Clean Automotive Waterless Car Shampoo16 oz.$$$4.9
3. Meguiar's G3626 Ultimate Wash26 oz.$4.8
4. Optimum (NR2010Q) No Rinse Wash 32 oz.$$4.8
5. FW1 Wash & Wax Waterless 17.5 oz. (3-Pack)$$$$4.7
6. Griot's Garage 11285 Spray-On 35 oz.$$$$4.4

Waterless Car Wash Tips

While it’s pretty simple to wash your car using the best waterless car wash products, there are still a few things to keep in mind. One of the most important things to remember is to use microfiber towels that were made specifically for washing cars. Using just any type of towel could end up damaging your car’s paint or clear coat.

Another important thing to remember when using waterless car wash is to wipe it completely off. Make sure that you don’t leave any drips behind; the car must be fully dry. Also, always make sure to use different towels for the top part of the car and the bottom. The bottom section of the car tends to get much dirtier, so you should use one towel for that section then toss it aside, then use a different one for the top and sides.

Top 3 Best Waterless Car Wash Reviews

1. Optimum

The Optimum (NRWW2012Q) No Rinse Wash & Wax waterless car wash is one of the best products in the industry. This product bonds to the paint releasing all of the dirt and grime that’s stuck on it.

This product is safe for use on all vehicles including cars, boats, ATVs and more. Only 1 gallon of water is required when mixing this solution and there is no rinsing needed, so you won’t need to pull out your hose or power washer to clean your car.

The integrated Optimum Car Wax solution provides your car’s exterior with a long-lasting shine. If you’re looking for one of the top waterless car wash products on the market, you’re going to love this product by Optimum.

2. Green Clean Automotive

With the Green Clean Automotive Waterless Car Shampoo Superior product, you won’t have to use any water at all to get your car clean. Even without water, this product gets rid of all dirt and grime, leaving your vehicle with a beautiful shine.

This product is free of toxic ingredients or solvents, making it a safe and green solution for you washing your vehicle without water. This car shampoo also features UV protection, which keeps your car safe from harmful sun rays.

This waterless car wash is incredibly simple to apply and allows you to save lots of time when compared to using actual water.

3. Meguiar's Ultimate

As one of the best waterless car wash products on the market, the Meguiar’s G3626 Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere Spray is incredibly easy to use. This spray requires absolutely no water and can allow you to wash your entire car in under 30 minutes.

This product also adds a wax protection to your car’s surface, which provides a beautiful shine and a great layer of protection. This product is safe on all vehicles and paint types.

This is the ideal product for those who don’t have access to a hose or who live in dry areas and must reduce water consumption. Consider the Meguiar’s G3626 Ultimate Wash & Wax Anywhere Spray if you’re looking for a great waterless car wash product.



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