The look of your car isn’t just about the shininess of the paint or the cleanliness of the windows, the tires play a significant role too. Having a beautiful car with messy, dirty tires can ruin the overall look of the vehicle that you were trying to achieve. To make sure your tires are always as sleek and clean as the rest of the car, you need to buy the best tire shine.

The best tire dressing can be applied to make your tires match the look of the rest of the car as well as keep the tires protected.

Consider the Following

Car owners that would like to keep their vehicle looking new at all times should consider the following facts and features of the best tire shine cleaners on the market:

  • Many of these tire-cleaning solutions can be applied with very little effort on the part of the car owner. Some can be sprayed and left to work their magic while others require a light brushing to remove the excess.

We recommend using some sort of scrubbing or wiping even if the spray does not require it. This ensures the best results are achieved.

  • The best tire dressing options on the market will generally provide 3-4 washes for all four tires. If you wash, wax and detail the tires of your car every week then many of the solutions will only last about a month.

This spray will keep your tires clean for between 2-4 weeks but in more severe weather conditions, it will only last 1 week.

  • Most sprays will get the job done with one coat but for the shiniest tires and possibly for even longer lasting results, spraying another coat is recommended.

Top 10 Tire Shine Overview Chart

PictureNameSizePrice per OzOur Rating (1-5)
Price per Oz
Our Rating (1-5)
1. Griot's Garage 11148128 oz.$4.9
2. Meguiar's G411616 oz.$$4.8
3. Surf City Garage 59315 oz.$$4.8
4. Meguiar's G751616 oz.$$$4.6
5. Armor All 7796018 oz.$4.6
6. Meguiar's G952424 oz.$$4.4
3M 3904216 oz.$$$$4.4
8. Griot's Garage 11015-P 1 11146SP35 oz.$4.4
9. DUB U131917oz.$4.3
10. Meguiar's G1202424 oz.$$4.3

Tips for Buying Tire Shine

Tire shine generally refers to a solution that is used to cleanse the tire as well as leave the tire looking shiny. For the best one to use on your wheels, you should take into consideration our expert tips:

  • Buy the appropriate solution for your tire and rim materials. Most rims are made of chrome or aluminum alloys.

With these materials and those of the tire, you should not use a harsh chemical solution but rather one that is milder first to examine the results and then increase the chemical content as you wish.

  • Your tires should be dry before applying any kind of product that will make them shine. Any liquid or other agents on the tire can affect the results.

You can either work to ensure your tires are totally dry every time you use the best tire dressing or you can choose a solution that is less sensitive.

  • To make the product you choose go even further, you should reduce the harshness of the chemicals or it is common for car owners to dilute their tire dressing solutions.

The solution you choose should be easily diluted to provide you with the most versatility.

Top 5 Best Tire Shine Reviews

1. Griot's Garage 11148

Choosing a tire shine solution is easy when you have Griot’s Garage 11148 in front of you. This solution can come in different sizes but it is so reliable and so useful that buying a bigger bottle is always a good idea. This solution is a quick detailer. Removing any dust or dirt while is works.

It is perfect to use to finish off a wash, wax and polish job but it can also be used between jobs to make sure the tires have the shine that you want even when you do not have the time to complete an entire cleaning routine. The impressive results will last longer than you might expect and the dressing will even help to keep your tires protected. This tire dressing solution can even be used for detailing other parts of the car if a more specific solution for the job is not at hand. The versatility is definitely something that makes the solution and the amount that you are paying for it well worth the cost.

2. Meguiar's G4116

Detailing your tires and keeping them shiny throughout the week even when there is not time to was hand wax the car can keep it looking fresh without the extra effort. Using Meguiar’s G4116 means achieving this look with ease whenever you want to spruce up your tires and the entire car as a result.

This spray is extremely versatile and can be used for different aspects of detailing the car, but is most useful for the tires if you would like the exterior to shine. The best part is that this shine will not leave a wet look behind, only the clean results. This means having tires that look new and not reflective. Though this is a desired trait for the paint job, it is not something that looks good on the tires. Considering the low price, it is a great buy for one of the best tire dressing solutions on the market.

3. Surf City Garage 593

Whether you would like to make this tire shine a part of your weekly cleaning routine or would like to use it occasionally, in between washes or before a long journey, the surf city Garage 593 is known for always producing the best results. This shine can make even worn out tires look clean and new.

This tire dressing even acts as a protecting solution that keeps sand and dirt away from the surface of the tires and simply on the surface of the dressing instead. The effects of using this shine will last up to 2 weeks to maintain the finish even better; the solution should be used once a week.

The dark black look that tires have in showrooms is exactly what this solution will provide. For the price and the size of the bottle the results are a bargain. Car owners will not find a solution that can achieve the same results with even a thin application of this tire dressing.

4. Meguiar's G7516

Meguiar’s is a reliable brand and their G7516 tire dressing is no different. This solution is one of the best tire dressings because it always provides the ultimate results without looking wet. The shine that it will give your tires is more like a showroom finish, making the tires look new and as a result making the car look even better too.

It only takes a thin coating to see the effects of the solution. This means that one bottle will last even longer. For those that detail their cars often, the long-lasting bottle makes this a great solution to use. The initial shine that this solution gives tires will last roughly a week while the effects of cleanliness and having the tires look relatively new can last for a month. The amount that you reapply this solution depends on the visual effects you would like to achieve.

5. Armor All 77960

When you use Armor All 77960 you will get the black and glossy finish that will make your tires look brand new. Applying this solution is easy and the effects will last for a week if not longer depending on the time of year and the weather conditions.

This tire dressing will easily face the challenge presented by dirt and keep the tires looking brand new. It will also protect the tires from the abrasive effects of sand and ice, which makes the tire dressing even more of a steal. One bottle can last for months or even an entire year depending on how often you like to detail your car and apply the tire dressing.



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