Whether you have always lived in an area that requires snow chains or you are visiting for a winter vacation, it is important to have the highest quality of chains available. Not only will this provide you with stability but it makes driving on ice and snow as safe as possible.

There are a huge range of options available and this can make it difficult to know which ones are the best snow chains. To make the decision straightforward we have collected together the top ten products on the market and provided a range of tips and things to think about before you buy.

Few Things to Consider

  • Always Consult the Manufacturer's Handbook. There are a whole range of problems that can occur from putting chains on your tires. This can include anything from the chains hitting the bodywork of the car to them interfering with electronic sensors. Make sure you know the recommendations of the manufacturer before you choose any chains.
  • One Pair vs. Two. If your vehicle is four-wheel drive then you will need chains fitted to all four tires but it is somewhat of a debate whether this is necessary for front or rear wheel drive vehicles.

The issue is that if you install chains only to the drive wheels then you will find the vehicle oversteers, with front wheel drive, or will under-steer, with rear wheel drive.

In the end, it comes down to how often you will be driving in adverse conditions and how experienced you are with this kind of driving.

  • Various Types of Tires. Our list contains all different kinds of snow chains and will cover the vast majority of vehicles, including everything from trucks to lawnmowers.

Top 10 Tire Chains Overview Table

PictureNameBest FeaturePriceOur Rating (1-5)
Best Feature
Our Rating (1-5)
1. Thule 12mm XG12 Pro Deluxe Self tensioning and quick release removal.$$$$4.7
2. Peerless Tire Chains Zinc plated chains for durability.$4.6
3. TerraGrips Tire Chains 20x8-8 Rubber slats for superior grip and damage prevention.$$$4.5
4. Max Trac 18x9.50x8 Tire Chains Zinc finish for durability.$4.4
5. Security Chain Company SZ335 Easy installation with rubber tightening components. $4.3
6. Peerless 0154005 Tire Chain Self-tightening for easy installation and tightening. $$4.2
7. Thule 12mm CB12 Snow Chain D-shaped links provide better traction. $$$4.1
8. Peerless 0232105 Tire Chain Diamond pattern for better traction without lose chains. $$4.1
9. Security Chain Company SC1032 Stainless steel construction for durability.$3.9
10. Glacier 1026 Tire Chain Cable cross with steel rollers for better tire protection.$3.8

What Is the Main Factor of the Best Tire Chains

While there are many factors that you should consider before you make a final purchase the main thing that you should be looking for in the best tire chains is how easy they are to fit or remove.

Tire chains will cause a great deal of damage to any road or surface that has been cleared of snow.

It is very likely that you will come across a driving surface, whether a highway or your own driveway, that will have been cleared. In these circumstances it is helpful to be able to remove the chains without too much stress or wasted time.

The best snow chains will come with quick releases and the majority of the products on our list are extremely easy to install or remove.

  • Pro Tip. Even though the products on our list are easy to use we still suggest that you practice a great deal before you use them on snow. There is nothing worse than trying to understand how a chain works in freezing temperatures or situations with reduced visibility.

Top 3 Tire Chains Reviews

1. Thule Pro Deluxe

Getting the Thule XG12 Pro Deluxe chains on your tires before any storms hit is a must. These chains will even give you some of the traction and the grip that even four-wheel drive vehicles will not provide in the same kind of weather.

The installation of these chains is straightforward, which means that with a little practice they are easy to get on and off in a snowstorm.

It is recommended that you completely clean the chains before putting them into any kind of storage, as they will have collected a lot of salt and dirt from the road that might promote erosion.

2. Peerless Tire Chains

The Peerless Tire Chains are smaller than the ones you would need for a car tire, which makes them great for use on a smaller tractor, lawn mower or plow. The flexibility doesn’t stop there. You can also apply the chains by lifting the vehicle and then putting them on or you can let the air out of the tires and reflate them for a guaranteed tight fit.

Once you have applied these chains, you will be able to drive over everything from rough terrain if you are using a tractor to steep hills and thick, slippery snow. The kind of traction that you get from these chains is something that gives you more freedom as a driver and more security too.

You will be able to have these installed in less than 15 minutes with an incredible fit. Then you’re ready to take on whatever lies ahead of your wheels with ease.

3. TerraGrips Tire Chains

Making sure your wheels are safe from any slipping in snow or gliding down steep hills is paramount to your safety and requires the best tire chains. This is why purchasing the TerraGrips Tire Chains ST90001 is so important when using them for a plow or lawnmower.

These chains will really help you to eliminate any traction issues that you were having. They are relatively easy to install and will last more than just one season, even if they are used every day.

Durability, as well as having convenience in applying and removing the chains, makes these more than worth the already low price. It should be noted that even as these chains give you traction, they will not tear up your yard in the process.



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