For a smooth and enjoyable motorcycle ride, you need all of the right equipment. Forget the leather jacket and the helmet. In order to enjoy the view, you will need the best motorcycle glasses. This means something different for each rider, but always means having the best quality view and protecting your eyes from the sun, the wind and the elements in general.

To help you find the pair that will suit your style and your riding needs, we have made a list of the best glasses and the best motorcycle sunglasses on the market.

Top 4 Buying Considerations

Once you have chosen the price range that you can afford, then you can get into choosing the specifics of the best motorcycle sunglasses for you. To help you with this, here are some aspects that you should consider:

  • The Right Glasses for the Ride. Some glasses are made for high speeds, low speeds, long or short distances. You should choose the ones that do not allow for too much swirling air near your eyes but ones that will also prevent fogging up.

While high speed glasses may be used for low speed riding, the opposite can be very dangerous.

  • Choosing a Lens. The lens should be chosen based on the material, if it is polarized or not and the color.
  • Transition Lenses. These glasses can be used day or night since they adjust to the light around them, they are more versatile for the rider.
  • Prescription. Rather than wearing your normal glasses or having to make sure you have contacts in, you will be able to easily go for a motorcycle ride when you have the correct eyewear with the correct sight.

The best motorcycle glasses can be made in any style, with any lens and have your specific prescription.

Top 6 Motorcycle Glasses Complete Table

PictureNamePolarizedPriceOur Rating (1-5)
Our Rating (1-5)
1. Duco Driver Glasses 8177 FrameYes$$$$4.4
2. Global Vision Eyewear Hercules Safety GlassesNo$4.4
3. Choppers 011 Frame Riding Padded GlassesNo$$4.2
4. MF Payback SunglassesYes$$$4.0
5. Global Vision OUTFITTERSMAFNo$$$4.0
6. HD Night Driving Aviator Sport WrapYes$$$$4.0

Frequently Asked Questions for Choosing Motorcycle Glasses

Even with all of the information about glasses available, you may still have some questions about the product that will best suit your riding. Here are some of the most common:

  • Which Is the Best Color Lens for Night Riding?

Clear is the best color with an anti-reflective coating so that there is no issue when the lights of other vehicles are seen through the lens.

It was previously thought that yellow would brighten the view of the rider, but this color actually blocks some of the light that is coming through.

  • Which Glasses Are Best to Keep My Eyes from Drying Out?

Glasses with removable eye seals will mean having protection on longer rides that can be removed for short rides through town.

The ability to adjust the glasses for the situation will keep your eyes from straining or drying out.

  • Can a Prescription Be Made into the Different Shapes That Glasses Come In?

As most lenses are hand-made in the local glasses shop, they can be made to suit any style of motorcycle glasses including wrapped glasses that have more of a curve.

Top 3 Best Motorcycle Glasses Reviews

1. Duco Driver Glasses 8177 Frame

The Duco Men’s Driver Glasses 8177 Frame are everything you could ask for in terms of style, quality of the make, fit and effectiveness.

These particular glasses would fit any shape head including wider ones. They do this without being overly wide themselves but actually fitting quite snuggly.

These glasses are made with very durable materials that never seem to give the look of the wear that they receive from the rider.

Another plus is that the polarization works perfectly.

2. Global Vision Eyewear Hercules Safety Glasses

Using the Global Vision Eyewear Hercules Glasses is highly recommended for use at dusk or nighttime. They are great for every time you jump on the bike but have proven to be especially effective to spot obstructions or animals in the road.

The large frames of these glasses will keep your eyes and cheeks covered to protect you from the excessive winds and the bugs. Even when these glasses take a beating in the wind, they always help to sharpen a riders view and make the road ahead even clearer.

3. Choppers 011 Frame Riding Padded Glasses

The Choppers 011 Frame Riding Padded Motorcycle Glasses provide the comfort you want and the style too. The padding in the glasses is what really makes them easy to wear and lets just enough air through so they do not fog up.

They keep all of the dust and bugs out without looking like massive goggles so you can have the usefulness and the sleek look in one great pair of glasses.



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