Buying the best jumper cables may seem trivial to those that just keep the cables in their car as a formality. However, if you are concerned with ensuring the cables you do have in your car are the best whenever an emergency does happen then you need to do your research.

All jumper cables are not created equal and this guide has been developed to help you know the differences and then make the right decision for your needs. These cables differ in more ways than one. Consider all of the specs and information in this guide and you will be well on your way to having the best jumper cables.

Choosing Your Cables

The aspects of the jumper cables that deserve the most attention are listed below. These should be the focus of your buying:

  • Length of Cables. If you consider when you would need to use the jumper cables, then no less than 12 feet would be sufficient. The longer they are, the more flexible you can be when using the cables.
  • Gauge of Wire. The gauge of the wire is essentially the thickness. In this case a higher number means a thinner wire and a smaller number means a thicker one. There will be cables that have a gauge of between 2-12. Thicker wires with a lower gauge are able to conduct more energy and are therefore better than thinner options though this does mean they are more expensive.
  • Material of Clip. Generally, the less expensive clips are copper plated while the higher quality clips are made of solid copper. The copper plated option generally wears down and then does not conduct the electricity as well. If the funds allow, it is recommended that you opt for solid copper.
  • Type of insulation. The insulation is generally directly related to the gauge of the wire. The thicker the wire, the thicker and better the insulation needs to be. Opting for better insulation means avoiding cracks in the wire as well as having the wire heat up when in use.

Top 10 Jumper Cables Ultimate Chart

PictureNameCable LengthPriceOur Rating (1-5)
Cable Length
Our Rating (1-5)
1. Heavy Duty 2 Gauge Wire Extra Long 25 Feet Ft Length 600 Amp Copper Plate Parrot Jaw Auto Booster Jumper Jumping Cable25”$$$$4.8
2. Cartman Booster Cable 4 Gauge x 20Ft in Carry Bag UL Listed20”$$$$4.8
3. Performance Tool (W1673) 20' 4-Gauge Jumper Cable20”$$$4.7
4. AAA 4326AAA Heavy Duty 16' 6 Gauge Booster Cable16”$$$4.7
5. SUPER HEAVY DUTY 500 amp 6 gauge No Tangle Battery Booster cables12”$$4.6
6. Capri Tools UL-Listed Booster Jumper Cables20”$$$4.5
7. OxGord 4 Gauge 500 Amp Extra Long 25 Feet Heavy Duty Super Power Booster Starter Commercial Grade Jumper Cables25”$$$4.5
8. HEAVY DUTY 300 amp 8 gauge No Tangle Battery Booster cables10”$4.2
9. 200 Amp 10 Gauge No Tangle Battery Booster Cables12”$4.1
10. Jumper Cables - The Quick and Effective 8 Gauge12”$$4.1

Knowing Which Options Are Good

Your need for jumper cables will come at some of the most inconvenient times. Having quality jumper cables on hand when you are in need of a boost can be the difference between being stuck where you are for hours on end and being back on the road in no time.

Buying the best jumper cables is the only way to be sure that you will be able to remedy any battery drainage with ease. Before choosing the right ones, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • What Is the Most Important Aspect of the Cables to You? Some cables have teeth on the clips that make them easier to hook onto the battery while others are designed to reach vehicles that are distanced from one another. Decide which of these features is most important before making a purchase.
  • What Is the Budget for the Cables? While the price for jumper cables doesn’t vary too much, it is worth deciding how much you are willing to spend before even considering the selection available.

Top 3 Best Jumper Cables Reviews

1. Cal-Hawk CBC25

The long length and the lower gauge are what really make the Cal-Hawk Heavy Duty 2 Gauge Wire more appealing and even more effective than other options on the market today. This wire is flexible even in colder weather. This means that a car that is in an awkward position in a storm can easily get power from another by using this cable.

The parrot jaw clamps mean that they stay put throughout the charging and jumping of a battery. The clamps themselves are copper plated aluminum that are able to conduct the energy flowing through them effectively to achieve the goal of charging a battery. The insulation around the wire may be thinner than expected but it is still of the highest quality material, protecting the wire and the people using it. The cables are coated in rubber, which is why the cables are so flexible and pliable.

2. Cartman BC0420K

Even batteries that have been drained completely can get a jump when using the Cartman Cable 4 Gauge. This jumper cable is a must-have for all drivers. The gauge means that the power is able to flow through the cables more effectively and the length is great for jumping cars that are facing walls or buildings.

The high quality of these cables means that they will always perform in an emergency situation. If you are interested in having a pair of cables that will last and will be able to put charge into any battery then these are must have for your car. Even though they are only hopefully used occasionally, they are something you will be happy you bought when the chance to use them does come up.

3. Performance Tool W1673

The gauge of this Performance Tool W1673 4 Gauge is not only great in terms of general power that it can allow to flow through the cables but this particular set of jumper cables has one of the best performance quality. The clamp design and build makes it easy for anyone to hook one battery to another without slipping.

The flexible cables are easy to manipulate and the length of them is perfect to use when cars are side by side or when there is some distance between them. The cables themselves are coated in rubber which also means that they look and feel even more expensive than they are while maintaining the quality of more costly cables.



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