Trucks and the truckers that drive them are extremely susceptible to theft. If you would like to protect your property then you should have a dash cam. This camera will monitor the vehicle and provide evidence should there be an accident or an incident.

The best dash cam for truckers is the one that works to provide evidence as well as share interesting sightings. These cameras are also incredibly useful for trucking companies to examine whether an incident was preventable or not. If you are an individual looking for protection or a company looking for the truth, having a dash cam can help.

Things to Think About

Buying any type of electronic equipment means investigating the purchase extensively because of the higher price tag and a dash cam is no different. Here are some of the things you should consider before making a purchase:

  • Quality. The camera will be useless for any purpose if it does not clearly show what this happening or who is involved. Choosing a camera that will provide clear evidence is the only way to go.
  • Heat Resistance. Since this camera is generally installed in a truck and forgotten about until it is time for action, it will be subjected to extreme temperatures both hot and cold. The heat can actually cause serious damage and affect the video if it has not been built for various temperatures.
  • Size. Many of the cameras are of a compact size, but the smaller they are the better. A smaller camera will not draw the attention of a thief and will be easier to hide.

Top 6 Dash Cams for Truckers Chart

PictureNameGPSPriceOur Rating (1-5)
Our Rating (1-5)
1. KDLINKS X1 Wide Angle Car Dashboard CamcorderYes$$$4.6
2. Rexing V1 Wide Angle Dashboard Camera RecorderNo$4.3
3. Timetec 62RHG680-B8G Road HawkYes$$$$4.2
4. Garmin Dash Cam 20 StandaloneYes$$4.2
5. Wheel Witness HD PROOptional Module Available$$4.2
6. Falcon Zero F360No$3.8

Tips for Buying a Good Dash Cam for Truckers

The installation and use of the dash cam will be altered depending on the kind of mount that the camera comes with. The two most common options include suction or tape. The tape mounts are very small but are almost never reusable. The suction mount is large but can be attached an endless amount of times. We recommend choosing the suction mount as it also works in all different kind of conditions and temperatures.

Make Life Easier With Added Features

The best dash cam for truckers is one that has all of the features that you want and need while also being in the right price range. While features other than the capability to take and record quality video are not necessary, they are nice to have and make the operation of the dash cam much more enjoyable.

Possible added features include:

  • Audible notifications
  • GPS
  • LCD screen
  • Infrared lights
  • Large storage capacity

Top 3 Best Dash Cam for Truckers Reviews

1. KDLINKS X1 Wide Angle Car Dashboard Camcorder

The KDLINKS X1 Full-HD 1920*1080 offers great picture quality and a wide-angle view that is perfect for capturing everything in front of the truck. This camera is starts up instantly, which makes it great for a driver that just likes to click the camera on and get going.

This kind of convenience also carries over into the straightforward initial setup of the camera in the vehicle, especially with the suction mounts. The USB plug in is also easy to figure out and the cord can be manipulated and hidden from view.

The GPS logger makes it easy to go back and see where you were when the video was being taken too. The large screen is also a great feature as it is clear while also being quite compact.

2. Rexing V1 Wide Angle Dashboard Camera Recorder

Those looking for a great truck dash cam should consider the Rexing V1 for three reasons. This camera is easy to install, is great value when you consider the amount of money that you are paying for the quality and the overall quality is also something of note.

The settings and the features of this camera are easy to navigate and what needs to be done in order to make an adjustment is always obvious.

3. Timetec 62RHG680-B8G Road Hawk

The value that you get with the Timetec 62RH680-B8G Road Hawk is incomparable. While the price is relatively high, the amount that it would save you with insurance companies makes it worth every penny.

This camera produces high quality video at an extremely wide angle so no view of what is ahead is ever missed. The operation of the camera itself is also very user-friendly. The adjustments that you make to personalize the settings are really just according to the taste of the specific driver as the camera works perfectly with any settings. This camera is great for the personal use of a trucker or for a company to install in their fleet.



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