Any car that you buy is a big investment and something that you should protect by using one of the best car covers on the market. You can keep your car out of the elements and away from prying eyes.

The difficulty comes in choosing one that will best suit your exact car. The car cover you choose should be functional and protect the car without looking like you have only used a tarp. Even though you want to have your vehicle covered, you do not want to have the cover itself be embarrassingly ugly. To help you choose the car cover for you, we have provided you with some of the best options on the market.

Things to Look Out

No matter what is being sold, most companies will claim to have the best product. When you are looking for the best car covers, you should look more deeply into the information of product to see if this claim can really be supported. Here are some things to look out for:

  • Avoid General Fit Covers. These are the covers that come in sizes like small, medium or large. Car owners should steer clear of these kinds of covers as they are not secure and will most likely not fit the vehicle.
  • No Polyurethane inside or in Hot Places. This material simply does not hold up to warmer temperatures.
  • Integrated Straps. These straps will secure the cover to the car without leaving the marks on the paint that would be left by rope.
  • Avoid a Soft Inside. While it may seem like a good idea to have a soft or fluffy inside of the cover, this material can actually attract and hold dust that can be damaging to the surface of the car.
  • Spend the Extra for Quality. The cheap car covers are low-priced because they lack the reliability of the more expensive options. This can even mean letting the elements through the material to have a negative effect on the vehicle.

Top 10 Car Covers Chart

PictureNameMaximum Size VehiclePriceOur Rating (1-5)
Maximum Size Vehicle
Our Rating (1-5)
1. OxGord Signature Auto Cover222 inches$$$4.3
2. Leader Accessories Basic Guard200 inches$4.1
3. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro III210 inches$$$4.1
4. Coverking Universal Fit228 inches$$$$4.0
5. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro I210 inches$4.0
6. BDK Universal Fit190 inches$3.9
7. Budge Lite200 inches$$3.9
8. Motor Trend Auto Armor210 inches$$3.9
9. Budge Duro228 inches$$$3.6
10. Rain-X229 inches$$3.6

Tips for Choosing the Car Covers

Choosing the best car covers is all about opting for the one to fit your needs and the style or look that you would like to go for.

  • Long-Term Outdoor Storage. A seasonal vehicle or one that needs to be stored outside because of space will need the most durable car cover in order for the cover to be effective at all.

You do not want to spend money on a flimsy cover only to have the surface of the car more negatively affected than it would have been if it has been left without a cover.

  • Frequent Use for Temporary Coverage. For the car owners that are covering and uncovering their car often you will need something more lightweight and compact. The cover you choose should be easy to get on and off by yourself.

Those that are using a cover more often are also often in places like a city or a busy town where the car and cover will be easily seen. There are plenty of stylish covers to choose from that come in the highest quality materials and fits.

Top 3 Best Car Covers Reviews

1. OxGord Signature Auto Cover

The OxGord Signature Auto cover is made from high quality material that will protect your car in any weather conditions or from any environmental threats in a bustling city, for example. The weight and the thickness of this cover make it easy to use on a daily basis but also have the durability of a cover that is used to keep cars stored away for entire seasons of the year.

This cover fits extremely well and always keeps water away from the surface of the vehicle with five different layers of fabric, each with a different purpose that reinforces the effects of the entire product. This cover has elastic hems with drawstrings so it will fit snuggly but can also be made to custom fit even better with the drawstrings and optional tie down grommets for extra security.

2. Leader Accessories Basic Guard

The incredibly affordable Leader Accessories Basic Guard 3 Layer is made with environmentally friendly material and comes with its own bag and a one-year warranty. This cover is more often used for daily use to keep the car protected from the sun and dirt that can damage the surface of a car and have a negative effect on the overall look.

The elastic hem at the bottom means that the cover fits any car that it is used for well. This cover is best for keeping a car clean and keep it away from water. You will be able to quickly park your car and have the cover out of the bag and around the vehicle, which means you will definitely use it more often.

3. Classic Accessories OverDrive PolyPro III

The Classic Accessories OverDrivePolyPro III Heavy Duty is made of strong material that can protect the car from the harshest elements. This cover will never scratch your car when you put it on and can be secured with the elastic hem that makes it quick and easy to put on with a custom fit as the result.

This cover is one that is definitely worth the price for the protection that it gives your car. There is a even a zipper on over the driver’s side door in case you forget anything inside and need easy access. The cover will keep the wind, water, snow, sun and whatever else may be around away from the car, protecting your investment and keeping it cleaner for longer.



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