Whether you own a brand new sports car, a vintage classic or even if you own a soccer-mom minivan, keeping your car clean is very important. Cleaning your car with the best car cleaning products helps protect the paint, it prevents rust and it makes your vehicle look so much more valuable.

Finding the best cleaning products isn’t always easy though. With so many different types of cleaning products available, the decision can often become overwhelming. Fortunately, we’ve narrowed down the top cleaning products for cars so you can easily find the ones that best suit your specific needs.

Top 10 Car Cleaning Products Table

PictureNameTypePriceOur Rating (1-5)
Our Rating (1-5)
1. Meguiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax Wax$$4.7
2. Meguiar's Ultimate Wash and Wax (48 oz) Wash & Wax$$$4.7
3. Mothers California Gold Clay Bar System Paint Restoration$$$$4.6
4. Meguiar's Smooth Surface Paint Restoration$$4.6
5. Stoner Invisible Glass Glass Cleaner$$4.6
6. Armor All 10848 Protectant Multi-Purpose Wipes$4.5
7. Rain-X 7OZ Windshiel Treatment Windshield Rain Repellent$$4.5
8. Tuff Stuff Multi Purpose Foam Cleaner Multi-Purpose Interior Cleaner$4.5
9. Meguiar's G12024 Hot Shine Tire Cleaner$4.3
10. ArmorAll Leather Wipes Canister Leather Cleaner$3.8

Choosing Car Cleaning Products

Car cleaning products come in many different forms. With so many different options to choose from, it’s not always easy to know which are the best car cleaning products for your specific needs. We’re going to take a look at some of the most important cleaning products so you can enjoy a like-new appearance regardless of your budget.

  • Shampoo. The most essential car cleaning product to own is a car shampoo. This is the basic product for cleaning the exterior of your car. Most car shampoos require you to dilute it with water. You then apply the shampoo/water mix to the car and rinse it offer with a hose.
  • Waterless Cleaner. The latest trend in car washing products are exterior cleaning products that require no water. These are great if you have limited access to water and they still provide amazing results. However, if you have a hose or power washer nearby, you should opt for regular car shampoos as they are much less expensive and more effective most of the time.
  • Wax. That amazing shine that you see on new cars can be achieved by waxing your car. You should always wax your car after it has been washed. Car waxes come in various forms as well including paste waxes, liquid waxes and spray on waxes.
  • Paint Restoration. The paint on your vehicle will get damaged over time. Tree sap, bugs and many other things can really damage your paint. Fortunately, there are paint restoration kits that bring it back to a like-new appearance. These normally include clay bars.
  • Tire Cleaner. If you want your tires to look like they were just installed, using a tire cleaner will make it happen. Most tire cleaners are applied using an aerosol can, which then turns into foam once applied. The foam dries off and the tires look brand new.
  • Cleaning Wipes. Once you’re done washing and cleaning the exterior of your vehicle, you’ll want to make sure the interior looks just as good. High quality car cleaning wipes will allow you to clean virtually all interior surfaces with a single product. Most wipes are great for washing vinyl, leather, trim, dashboards and more.
  • Windshield Treatment. Once you’re all done with the exterior and the interior, you’ll want to consider adding a windshield treatment. One of the major brands is Rain-X. These treatments are basically water repellents, which cause rain to roll off the windshield, increasing your visibility during rainy days. They can easily be applied and only require a few minutes of your time.

Top 3 Best Car Cleaning Products Reviews

1. Meguiar's 16 oz.

One of the best cleaning products you can get your hands on is the Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax. This car wax will make your car shine like never before and the simple application allows you to wax your entire vehicle in roughly 30 minutes.

The synthetic formula was designed to make your car shine, while having a protective layer that prevents damage caused by natural elements such as UV rays and grime. One of the great things about this liquid wax is that it doesn’t stain if you get some on the trim.

Meguiar’s Ultimate Liquid Wax features Hydrophobic Polymer technology, which causes rain water to roll and bead off. If you’re looking for an amazing liquid wax that will have your car looking like new, you’re going to love applying this product by Meguiar.

2. Meguiar's 48 oz.

If you’re looking for a single product that will get your car looking amazing, you won’t want to miss out on Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash and Wax. This product combines car shampoo and car wax into one product, allowing you to save time and have an outstanding finish.

This product uses unique technology that actually lifts and removes deep grime that’s stuck within the paint’s pores. The added wax feature leaves your car with a beautiful gloss and shine appearance as you wash it.

The wax in this cleaning product also leaves a protective layer on your vehicle, protecting it from the sun and natural grime or bugs. If you’re looking for an all-in-one exterior car cleaning product, you’re going to love Meguiar’s Ultimate Wash and Wax.

3. Mothers California Gold

If you really want to bring your car back to the way it looked when you drove it out of the dealer’s parking lot, you’re going to want the Mothers California Gold Clay Bar System. This paint restoration kit will make your car look brand new.

This restoration kit by Mothers includes the necessary clay bar, an Instant Detailer spray and a microfiber towel. Cleaning your paint with the clay bar is incredibly simple and by doing so, you will completely remove all contaminants found on your car’s exterior surface.

The Mothers California Gold Clay Bar System is one of the best cleaning products worth buying whether your car is months old or even if it’s decades old. Experience a truly clean paint job by removing all contaminants from your car’s paint.



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