Buying the best backup camera for your car means having a system that is easy to use and will suit the vehicle that you already have. For those that are not already familiar with the specs and uses of backup cameras, making the right purchase can prove to be difficult.

Whether you are investing in a backup camera because you are concerned about safety, have a hard time backing up the vehicle in general or would simply like to see exactly what is behind you, getting the right one is crucial to meeting your needs.

Making the Right Choice

There are a few things you should consider before deciding on the right camera. While one may seem to have all of the features and installation procedures that you would like, it may not suit your vehicle or specific purpose.

  1. The Dash. This part of your car is where you will be seeing the footage of what the camera is picking up in the lens. You may have a touchscreen installed in the car already to hook the cameras too, may be interested in buying a touchscreen receiver to install or even opt for the display to be in the rearview mirror. Which viewing system you are able to use will depend a lot on the type of car you have and which one would be most easily accommodated for.
  1. Sensors. You will either have a camera that uses CCD or CMOS sensors. The first is the equivalent of analog. It handles changing lighting very well while the SMOS is the digital option and saves on power and is better in low light.
  1. Mounting. This may be one of the most important aspects of a backup camera to consider. The mounting options are license plate, lip, bracket and vehicle-specific. The bracket mounting is the most easily manipulated and adjustable option but the lip and plate mountings are often subtler.

Top 10 Backup Cameras Ultimate Chart

PictureNameViewing AnglePriceOur Rating (1-5)
Viewing Angle
Our Rating (1-5)
1. Esky EC170-06 HD Color CCD Waterproof Car Rear View Backup Camera170 degrees$4.4
2. Ebest LED waterproof backup rear review camera170 degrees$$4.3
3. Esky EC170-08 High Definition Car Rear View Backup Camera170 degrees$$4.2
4. Esky® HD Color CCD 100% Waterproof Night Vision Vehicle Car Front / Rear View Backup Camera170 degrees$$$4.1
5. Esky EC135-05 Waterproof High Definition Color Wide Viewing Angle License Plate Car Rear View Camera170 degrees$$$4.1
6. Pyle PLCM18BC License Plate Mount Rear View Backup Parking Reverse Camera135 degrees$$$4.1
7. XO Vision HTC35 high definition Universal Weatherproof Rear View Backup CameraAdjustable angles$$$4.0
8. Car Rear Vehicle Backup View Camera170 degrees$3.9
9. Pyle PLCM7200 Backup Camera & Rearview Monitor Parking Reverse SystemSwivel angle adjustable$$$$3.6
10. HDE Waterproof Rearview Backup License Plate Color Vehicle Camera110 degrees$$3.3

Installation of a Backup Camera

The best backup camera is one that you are able to use. While it may sound simplistic it comes down to a camera that is not connected is the most useless so choosing a system that is easy to install is key. This can be more difficult than many buyers imagine. There is a general process that every installation will include:

  1. Installing the camera and wiring the power to the camera.
  1. Connecting the video feed from the camera to the screen on the dash.
  1. Connecting the video cable to the input on the rear of the monitor.

These three steps are all essentially for whatever monitor or camera mounting your have chosen. You can, however, opt for a wireless system too which can cut the installation time but there will still need to be some wiring done in the process.

Making the choice between a wireless and a traditional set up for the backup camera will affect the installation time but it will also affect the overall use. It is recommended that you opt for the longer installation to ensure a more reliable connection overall.

Top 3 Best Backup Cameras Reviews

1. Esky EC170-06

One of the best things about using the Esky EC170-06 is that the camera can be installed wherever on the car that you would like. This flexibility means being able to see behind the car in the spots are each driver has specifically a hard time with.

As far as installation goes this is one of the easiest backup cameras to install. The image it produces is clear with great color and very little distortion. This makes it easy to see what is behind you clearly. The performance of this camera is great in all kinds of weather and lighting.

The entire thing is waterproof which is necessary in a camera that is going to be used in places with more than a few days of rain at a time. The camera itself is very small which means that it is discrete and should not draw the attention of thieves

2. Ebest LED

The adjustability of the Ebest LED is really the main draw of the camera. It is easy to install but for various drivers or conditions, it is easy to move around to get a better or different angle of viewing.

The camera blends in with any car very well making it almost unnoticeable for the driver and for anyone else that might be looking. The purpose of the camera to see behind you as a driver is really something that this product delivers. Not only will you be able to see everything behind you but you will also be able to see it in complete detail. From bugs to possible litter in a parking lot, it will all be clear on the screen.

3. Esky EC170-08

For whatever reason or purpose you have for seeing behind you, the Esky EC170-08 can help. This little camera packs a lot of power and visibility into its small frame. The picture quality that it produces is always great and will make any driver feel more comfortable backing up.

Installation of this model is quick and easy which make it great purchase for those that are looking to put the camera in and hook it up to a monitor themselves. The color and the detail of the camera as well as the waterproof element and the adjustability make this an overall great option for drivers that are simply looking for better visibility in the spots they cannot see behind the car.



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